While orthotics can certainly be useful in alleviating pain and discomfort in the feet, they need to be the precise, most exact fit and be properly-designed in order to properly address the wide range of issues that misaligned feet can cause. That is why Optimo Clinic’s custom orthotics program yields the best orthotics on the market. With the help of our on-site Chiropodist, we help you get the best solution for your footcare. 

What is a custom-made Orthotic?

A custom Orthotic insert is a prescription device designed to assist in the correction of biomechanical abnormalities that affect the feet, ankles, knees and back. Custom Orthotic inserts are made by taking a three-dimensional (3-D) cast impression of the patient’s foot and constructed from raw materials to each patient’s individual specifications.

Who needs Orthotics?

Almost anyone can benefit from orthotics as improperly supported feet are very common. Orthotics can also benefit anyone suffering from metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, bunions, hammer toes, bursitis, heel pain, hip pain, knee pain, high arches (cavus foot), flat feet (pes planus), fallen arches and more.

Be sure to book an appointment with our Chiropodist to get the custom orthotics to alleviate your foot issues.